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Modeling information: 
As a professional photographer I am always interested and pleased to hear from potential new models. If you are a professional model then please contact me with examples of your work and any references that you can supply. I would normally want to meet with you to look at your book and to discuss your suitability for any projects. I am happy to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

If you are an amateur or aspiring new model then I am happy to consider you. I would need to see 2-3 snap shots of you initially. The snaps that you send me should include a nice head/face shot, a full length (clothed) shot and a swimsuit or underwear type shot. Don’t worry too much about the quality, home snap shots will be fine at the initial stage. You must be a minimum age of 18 years old for any nude or semi-nude work.

I am willing to discuss fair current market modeling fees for professional models with good portfolios and/or references. However I would normally work on a prints for time basis with amateur or aspiring models.

Please note that a model release would normally be required from all models.

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